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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of The Piedmont Equine Practice in The Plains. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your horses!

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    Veterinarian & Partners

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    John Nolan

    Dr. Nolan grew up in northern Virginia. His love of horses began as a young teenager when…
  • Joe Davis

    Joe Davis

    At the age of six, Dr. Davis was put up on his first horse and it seemed a natural place…
  • Sean_Bowman.portr

    Sean Bowman

    Dr. Bowman was born and raised in Loudoun County, Virginia. He continues to live there…
  • Paul Anikis

    Paul Anikis

    Dr. Anikis grew up in Howard County, Maryland with an interest in animals of all kinds…
  • Paul Diehl

    Paul Diehl

    Dr. Paul Diehl grew up in Strasburg, Virginia where he acquired his first horse at the age…

    Associate Veterinarians

  • Alexis Theiss

    Alexis Theiss

    Alexis was born and raised in the McLean/Great Falls area with three sisters and a variety…
  • Christine Dainis-Adams

    Christine Dainis-Adams

    Dr. Chris Dainis-Adams received her DVM degree from Tufts University School of Veterinary…
  • Jena Porto

    Jena Porto

    Dr. Jena Porto grew up in a small town outside Pittsburgh, PA. She obtained her bachelor's…
  • Kathryn Krista

    Kathryn Krista

    Kathryn was born in Wichita, KS and developed a strong interest in horses from an early…
  • Stephanie Wilinson

    Stephanie Wilkinson

    Dr. Stephanie Wilkinson was born and raised on the small Island of Bermuda. She has been…

    Veterinary Surgeon & Critical Care Specialist

  • Sarah Dukti

    Sarah Dukti

    Dr. Sarah Dukti DACVS, DACVECC joined The Piedmont Equine Practice on June 1, 2011. Dr.…

    Relief Surgeon

  • Courtney Bolam

    Courtney Bolam

    Introducing our new full-time relief emergency/ surgery associate……

    Veterinarian & Equine Dentistry Specialist

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

    Dr. David Johnson has been associated with The Piedmont Equine Practice since 2002. He…

    Referral Specialists

  • Amy Polkes

    Amy Polkes

    Internal Medicine Specialist

    From Dr. Polkes' website-
  • Catherine Nunnery

    Catherine Nunnery

    Consulting Ophthamologist

    Catherine Nunnery joins us as a consulting ophthalmologist on a regular basis. She served…


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    Carianne Jones

    Cari Jones grew up in Falls Church, VA and began riding horses at the age of 8. She…
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    Eleanor Sokolow

    Ellie Sokolow grew up in Rochester, NY and first…

    Practice Manager

  • Mandy Pilgrim

    Mandy Steinhoff

    Mandy was born and raised in Thomson, GA, home of the Pine Top Event and the Belle Meade…

    Office Administrators

  • Elaine Brissette

    Elaine Brissette

    Elaine grew up in Ellsworth, Maine where she actively competed in both english and western…
  • Sophie White

    Sophie White

    Sophie White was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Following high school, Sophie…

    Jack of all Trades

  • Juliet Graham

    Juliet Graham

    Juliet was born in England and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She was sent from the frozen…

    Veterinary Technicians

  • AnnP

    Ann Pawlak

    Ann was born in Easton, Maryland and there her love of riding began at the age of ten. She…
  • Brianna Kelly

    Brianna Kelly

    Brianna Kelly was raised in Fauquier County and attended Fauquier High School. …
  • Gretchen Hummer

    Gretchen Hummer

    Gretchen’s parents are originally from PA but moved south in the '60s. She grew up in…
  • 2016-08-07_15.12.54

    Jill Sites

    Jill was born in South Carolina and moved multiple times…

  • Jordan Jones

    Jordan Jones

    Jordan has lived in Fauquier County most of her life- the exception being that she was…
  • Karen Dailey

    Karen Dailey

    Karen has been a member of the Piedmont Equine team since…

  • Default Image

    Kelsie Mast

    Kelsie grew up riding horses and living on a small horse…

  • Lindsey Phifer

    Lindsey Phifer

    Lindsey grew up in Richmond, Virginia and started riding…

  • Mary Ficklin

    Mary Ficklin

    Mary was born in the true horse country of Fauquier County, Virginia. Growing up in…

    Pharmacy Technician

  • Alexandra Tatham

    Alexandra Tatham (Po)

    Nicknamed Po because as a young child she would repeatedly ask to ride Po when referring…
  • Jennifer Metesh

    Jennifer Metesh

    Jennifer was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin and her love of animals stems from…

    In Memoriam

  • Cindy Suhonen

    Cindy Suhonen

    Born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, Cindy was a horse lover from the start. She…


  • Lalo Gaeta

    Lalo Gaeta

    Lalo has worked at Piedmont Equine since May of '07. He is our true jack of all trades-…

    Graduated Interns

  • Alicia Yocom

    Alicia Yocom

    Dr. Alicia Yocom grew up in San Francisco, CA where she learned to ride at the city’s…
  • Alisa Corser

    Alisa Corser

    Dr. Alisa Corser grew up in the small town of Clermont, Florida, where she began trading…
  • Anna Allen

    Anna Allen

    Dr. Anna Allen grew up in Chapel Hill, NC and began riding horses at the age of 6. She…
  • Default Image

    Annie Chavent

    Dr. Annie Chavent was born and raised in Richmond,…

  • Ashley Hamilton

    Ashley Hamilton

    Fellowship 2011-2012

    Ashley Hamilton grew up on a small farm in Florida where she began riding before she could…
  • Chelsea Luedke

    Chelsea Luedke

    Chelsea grew up in Texas and the suburbs of Chicago where she started showing hunters and…
  • Emily Nutt

    Emily Nutt

    Dr. Emily Nutt grew up in Davidson, NC in an animal loving household with cats, dogs, and…
  • Erin Davis

    Erin Davis

    Dr. Erin Davis was raised in Clarke County, Virginia on her family’s horse and cattle…
  • Erin Kinney

    Erin Kinney

    Dr. Erin Kinney grew up in the small coastal town of Cumberland, Maine. She received her…
  • Gretchen Verheggen

    Gretchen Verheggen

    Dr. Gretchen Verheggen was born and raised in an historic farmhouse in Zionsville, PA.…
  • Heather Damico

    Heather Damico

    Heather has successfully graduated from the PEP internship program and gone to Buffalo…
  • Jen Lowry

    Jen Lowry

    Dr. Jen Lowry attended veterinary school at NC State University College of Veterinary…
  • Joe Wagner

    Joe Wagner

    Dr. Joseph Wagner grew up in northern Vermont. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in…
  • Katharine Sharon

    Katharine Sharon

    Dr. Katharine Sharon grew up in a horse-oriented family in Landenberg, PA. She was an avid…
  • Leslie Reyes-Espinosa

    Leslie Reyes-Espinosa

    Dr. Leslie Reyes-Espinosa grew up in Miami, FL where she learned to ride horses as a…
  • Mallory Willkom

    Mallory Willkom

    Dr. Mallory Willkom is originally from Chippewa Falls, WI, where she grew up showing in…
  • Moira Nusbaum

    Moira Nusbaum

    Dr. Moira Nusbaum grew up in Maryland on a small horse farm. Throughout high school she…
  • Rebecca Bacon

    Rebecca Bacon

    Dr. Rebecca Bacon was born in Portsmouth, VA and lived in the DC metro area until middle…
  • Shannon Donoho

    Shannon Donoho

    Dr. Shannon “Boo” Donoho grew up in Raleigh, NC, where her family enjoyed foxhunting…
  • Shelly Whitehurst

    Shelly Whitehurst

    Dr. Shelly Whitehurst grew up in Roanoke, VA. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in…