Jan 13 2012 Surgery 003The goal of the internship program at Piedmont Equine is to closely mentor the intern for the first six months of the program, followed by six months of primary case responsibility and limited primary emergency duty. We hope to produce an intern who is a well-rounded practitioner ready to expand their skills in any and all facets of equine practice. In exchange for this mentorship, we expect total dedication to the practice and the patients under the practice’s care.

The schedule for the intern will be structured around week long intervals spent under the wing of each of the veterinarians in the practice. The intern will ride along with and assist during all appointments with the practitioner they are assigned to for that week. The practitioner in charge will have the flexibility to assign the intern to other assignments that will further the education of the intern. Specifically, when surgical and internal medicine cases are scheduled in the clinic, the intern will be able to assist during those procedures. These arrangements will be mutually agreed upon between intern and primary clinician.

The intern will be responsible for after hour patient care, under the supervision of the primary doctor or on call doctor. No primary emergency duty will be expected of the intern for the first six months. It is expected that the intern be available to ride along with, or meet the on call doctor at emergency after hour calls. This applies to weeknights and weekends. The intern will be trained in equine anesthesia and be expected to contribute to emergency surgical case management.

The internship is a one year salaried position typically reserved for new graduates of veterinary school. In order to apply for the internship a two week externship is required prior to application.. A letter of intent, resume, three letters of recommendation and transcripts are required for application. Interns are responsible for finding their own housing and must live within ten minutes of the clinic.

Please see Avenues on the AAEP website for more information.

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