Sophie Sites

Sophie Sites was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Following high school, Sophie attended the University of Quebec in Montreal where she studied linguistics. During this time she also received her Canadian certification to train and teach riders of the western discipline.

Following her education in Quebec, Sophie moved to North Carolina to become an apprentice trainer under one of the top reiners, Francois Gauthier. Following her 2 year stay in this training facility, Sophie relocated to San Diego, CA for a year to train with another top reiner, Yvon Mathieu. A riding injury then forced Sophie to take a short break from riding and training so she returned to Montreal.

During her time off from the horses, Sophie decided to take a trip to visit a friend in Virginia and ended up living in Luray, VA where she currently resides. Sophie continues to train and ride aside from her work with Piedmont Equine as an office assistant for Drs. Theiss, Porto , Diehl and Krista.

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